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Reactivation Care Unit

Service Description

Part of the North East Specialized Geriatric Centre, the Reactivation Care Unit is a 20 bed acute inpatient unit that specializes in the care of older adults who have experienced a recent change in their health status or a decline in functional ability. Following a restorative care philosophy, the aim is to provide exceptional and focused care as well as support our patients to improve or maintain their independence and functional abilities while in hospital. Our patients are encouraged to mobilize regularly, get dressed on a daily basis, and get up out of bed to eat all meals.

Target Population

Older adults, 65 years of age and over, admitted to hospital who have had a decline in health status, or functional ability, who demonstrate restorative potential and could benefit from a specialized geriatric inpatient unit.

What types of patients are appropriate for referral?

Patients are admitted to the Reactivation Care Unit directly from the Emergency Department or can also be transferred from other acute inpatient units within the hospital if they would benefit from the specialized geriatric services that our team can offer.

Admission criteria has been established and processes for identification of individuals that could benefit from a transfer to the unit have been developed with the intent that the older adult population will be provided with the care and support they require to make a successful transition to the most appropriate discharge destination.

This program is geared to the older adult population that has been admitted to HSN, and are experiencing one or more of the common geriatric syndromes.

  • Have experienced a recent loss of functional ability following a medical event or decline in health;
  • Has the potential to regain functional ability that has been recently lost
  • Are experiencing or demonstrate one or more common diagnoses in the geriatric population.

Our team includes:

  • Clinical Manager
  • Geriatric Nurse Clinician
  • Registered Nurses
  • Registered Practical Nurses
  • Personal Support Workers
  • Social Worker
  • Dietician
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Reactivation Workers
  • Recreation Therapist
  • Ward Clerks
  • Patient advisor

What we can help you with

Utilizing geriatric best practice principles, along with the Senior Friendly Care Framework, the team will care for older adults who are experiencing an acute decline in health status. A change in health status can include a medical condition that requires intervention, or a change in functional ability that requires follow up.

The most responsible physician will assess and make recommendations on a regular basis and patients will have 24/7 on call coverage in the event of a change that requires immediate attention. Geriatrician and Care of the Elderly Physician support will be provided on a consultation basis.

How long will the team follow a patient?

The team follows the patient until the patient is transitioned to the most appropriate discharge destination. Discharge planning will include input from patients and families as well as referrals to community supports specific to patient needs.

Where is the Reactivation Care Unit Located?

Daffodil Lodge, Level 2, Ramsey Lake Health Centre
41 Ramsey Lake Rd.,
Sudbury, ON
P3E 5J1


The front of Daffodil Lodge

You can find us at:

Daffodil Lodge, Level 2, Ramsey Lake Health Centre
41 Ramsey Lake Rd.,
Sudbury, ON
P3E 5J1

Paid parking: Yes

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