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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Regional Leadership

As a member of the Provincial Geriatric Leadership Ontario Network and as the regional lead for specialized geriatric services NESGC will contribute to provincial policy that impacts older adults with frailty and medical complexity. NESGC will provide leadership at a regional and sub-regional level to develop and maintain high quality models of care for older adults with frailty and medical complexity.

A flowchart of the mandate of the North East Specialized Geriatric Centre as described in the paragraph below.

As displayed, NESGC’s mandate adheres to the following structure:

North East LHIN → Strategic Reporting → North East LHIN Specialized Geriatric Services System Steering Committee → Strategic Advice → North East Specialized Geriatrics Centre (under the provision of Health Sciences North) including the following local SGS related services and Networks:

  • Specialized geriatric services clinical
  • Senior friendly care
  • Strategic Planning for SGS
  • Regional Outreach
  • Dementia Care
  • Regional Capacity Building
  • Geriatric Rehabilitative Care

Regional Leadership

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